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United Fuel Solutions has pioneered the dual use of photocatalysis and nanotech catalysts that enable a stable blend of chemicals with varying properties and gravities to improve the thermodynamic efficiency of hydrocarbon combustion. UFS products are marketed under the brand name CERES™ (Coaction Emission Reactivation of Electromagnetic Spectra). UFS is implementing the CERES technology on railroads (‘RR’), marine vessels, industrial manufacturing, and over-the-road (‘OTR’) vehicles; worldwide. The CERES state-of-the-art technology offers the following unparalleled benefits:


Fuel savings of 10% or greater

Emissions reduction:

i.) Up to 92% reduction in soot and smoke, including complete visual elimination of PM 2.5 and PM 10

ii.) Up to 60% reduction ins CO

iii.) Up to 30% reduction in NOx

iv.) Up to 15% reduction SOx

v.) Up to 15% reduction in CO2

Zero negative effects on the environment, personnel, all hydrocarbon fuels, and equipment, including fuel storage, piping, and pumping systems

A NET reduction in the emission of ash

Broad-spectrum applications that work across all distillate and residual hydrocarbon fuels

Industrial and commercial customers utilizing hydrocarbon fuels will observe a NET ROI

Safer and cleaner equipment operation, and reduced operating and maintenance costs, for compression-ignited and spark-ignited equipment, including 2-stroke and 4-stroke (low, medium speed RR diesel locomotives, and high-speed OTR vehicles)

Engineered to provide lubricity enhancement

There are no adverse oxidation effects during combustion on the equipment, fuel storage, piping, or pumping systems

CERES is a chemical solution; no modifications are made to any equipment, ensuring manageable deployment via automatic dosing systems attached to fuel depot tanks

The CERES chemistry basis is an aromatic system that mixes with hydrocarbon fuels; once injected into the fuel system, products remain in a stable solution

Efficacy across a broad range of operating conditions, including derated equipment and under less than MCR conditions

CERES products are high-flash and are safe to transport via marine or air with a stable shelf life of at least two years

Easy-to-install, cost-effective, and robust injection equipment convenient to retrofit with zero downtime. UFS will not modify high-pressure or booster fuel lines; CERES product injection will be directed to the fuel system's low-pressure side

UFS products are compatible with modern equipment installed with NOx reduction and post-combustion emission reduction technologies and will not conflict with other fuel additives or fuel modifiers

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